April/May: Out Front: Babes on Stage (Reading Series)

04.16.2018 12:00:00
About Face Theatre presents Out Front: Babes On Stage 

Since 2013, AFT's Out Front series has presented workshops and readings of new work exploring LGBTQIA themes. For their 22nd season, AFT presents Babes on Stage, a showcase of new work by emerging LGBTQIA women-identified playwrights. 

These four plays were selected for their success in furthering the dialogue on gender and sexuality, pushing the boundaries of dramatic structure and form, and centering women/femmes in their storytelling. They are each exceptional for also creating opportunities for us to meet new actors and directors through this process. AFT is so excited to share this series with you. 

Each reading will be followed by a discussion and light reception. We look forward to seeing you and having some fun conversation about these new works. All public readings will take place at Rivendell Theatre at 5779 North Ridge Avenue

Monday, April 23, 2018

By Hannah Li-Epstein
Directed by Anna Sung-En Medill 

Set in a six unit building in Chicago, #sisterneighbors follows the interconnected lives of a rambunctious and devoted chosen family of queer folks as the news sinks in that their home has been sold and they will all have to move. Exploring impacts of gentrification and change on this unique queer community, the plays splits the audience during the first act and reunites them for the second creating an immersive and unpredictable experience of the story. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

By Gemma Cooper-Novack
Directed by Chika Ike

The triangle of lesbian relationships at the center of Break reveal a complex entanglement of love, desire and mental illness. With sharp dialogue and a taut revolving structure that moves backward in time, the shifting dynamics between these three women explore the impacts of bipolar disorder and trauma on our ability to maintain intimacy, preserve trust and manage long-term relationships.   

Monday, May 14, 2018

Tiny Thin Woman Inside
By Courtney Meaker
Directed by Elizabeth Swanson
Stage Managed by Jennifer Thusing

Tiny Thin Woman Inside is nestled in a vibrant surreal world of competitive dieting, The Biggest Loser, and our unending obsession with weight loss. Given contradictory messages around sexuality, obesity, food, sugar, fat, and health, how do we manage to live in our queer bodies? This outrageously funny and beautifully honest play brings queer sexuality and fat to the fore. 

Date TBA

Sunset Artists of the American West
By Shualee Cook
Creative Team TBA

Set in shifting locations from present day Tucson, Arizona to Los Angeles to the sky, Sunset Artists of the American West experiments with fantastical imagery and live painting onstage. Examining questions of personal voice, inheritance and making art, we meet multiple generations of a family preparing to say goodbye to the matriarchal Grandmother with the support of their ancestors in the spirit world.

These events are FREE and open to the public. Tickets can be reserved by clicking on the title of the reading. For more details about the Out Front Series, click here.




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