57 Blocks
New Work, Performance Art, Virtual
Runs Jun 11Jun 21, 2021

A collaboration between Free Street’s two youth ensembles, 57 Blocks (digital) examines the intersections of immigration, education and incarceration, asking, “What are the pathways set up for us?”, “What pipelines do we wish to dismantle?”, and “If we would create portals to new realities, what would be waiting there for us?”

This experience, part workshop, part performance, is the first step in a two year process to creating a live performance, which takes audiences on a bus down Ashland Ave, the street that connects our two spaces, Pulaski Park and The Storyfront.

Audiences will be engaged through zoom, videos, Google Forms, and Miro Board. As such, we recommend watching this show on a laptop or desktop computer, with headphones on: it is designed to be an individual experience. However, if you are watching with a group, know that you will have to collaborate and make decisions, and answer questions, together.

For 57 Blocks, Free Street is in partnership with Liberation Library: Liberation Library provides books to youth in prison to encourage imagination, self-determination and connection to outside worlds of their choosing. They believe access to books is a right, not a privilege. They believe books and relationships empower young people to change the criminal legal system.

EVENT LINK || A link will be emailed out to ticket holders the day before or day of event, depending on time of purchase.

TICKET PRICING || This performance, created and performed by youth in communities directly impacted by issues discussed in the show is offered to you by donation. But free theatre is not free to make! All artists involved were paid, and Free Street invested in new equipment and technology to make filming possible. If you have the capacity to donate, any amount that is significant to you is significant to Free Street and helps us to continue doing the work we’ve been doing for 51 years.

CAPTIONS will be available for the June 14th and later dates of this show.

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