Every Waiting Heart
By Lauren Ferebee
The Den Theatre
1331 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
New Work
Jun 18, 2020

Every Waiting Heart was the winner of Artemisia’s 2018 Fall Festival and centers on the relationship between an overworked single mother and her rebellious teenaged daughter. Sherri and Annette have been an unbreakable mother-daughter duo since childhood, but suddenly Annette’s rebelling and Sherri’s terrified. Desperate for help, Sherri goes to a speed-dating event at a Pentecostal church that unexpectedly changes the course of both of their lives and fractures the bond that has held them together for so long. A deep and intimate dive into what it means to be a strong woman, Every Waiting Heart is an unflinching examination of faith and the many variations of love.

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