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Macacos by Cia do Sal, Clayton Nascimento (Brazil)
Theater Wit
1229 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Theater Wit
1229 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Theater Wit
1229 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Drama, New Work, Physical Theater
Runs Jul 18Jul 20, 2024

MACACOS is a multi award winning show about how racism and the erasure of black memories and ancestries are rooted in Brazíl’s history. The performance follows a black man who searches for new spaces to occupy, facing and reflecting about the adjective MACACO, a slur used against black people around the world.

The play collects episodes from Brazilian history and acknowledges the statistics from the mothers and families of young black men arrested or executed by the Brazilian military police from 1500 to 2021. The questions raised by this black man invite the audience to question the veiled prejudice present in Brazil’s social structure and everyday life.

“Macacos” is a part of Physical Theater Festival an international, contemporary, visual and physical theater festival that happens in Chicago every year. In 2024 the festival will happen from July 13 to 21.


​Winner of Best Actor award Prêmio Shell

​Winner of Best Actor award APCA

Nominated for Best Dramaturgy APCA

Winner of Best Actor award FestKAOS

Winner of Best Show award FestKAOS

Winner of Best Actor award FESTIC Caruaru

Winner of Best Lighting Design award FESTIC Caruaru

​Winner of Best Original Script award FESTIC Caruaru

​Winner of Best Show award Festival Breves Cenas de Teatro Brasilia

​Winner of Best Actor award XX Festival de Teatro do Rio de Janeiro

Clayton Nascimento was raised on the outskirts of the South Zone of São Paulo in Jabaquara in the 90s. He is currently a professor of Acting Games and Improvisation at the Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena, where he graduated; he studied at Casa do Teatro, SP Escola de Teatro and at the School of Dramatic Arts.

Clayton was an actor in BURAQUINHOS, directed by Naruna Costa the winner of the 2019 APCA prize for Best Director – and first black woman to win said award in the 70 years of the institution The play also won the Aplauso Brasil prize for Best Director and was nominated for Best Cast.

He is the director, writer and performer of MACACOS, the multi-award winning play about racism and black genocide in Brazil. Some of those awards are: Shell prize for Best Actor (2023), APCA prize for Best Actor (2023), FestKaos prize for Best Actor and Best Play (2022), FESTIC Caruaru prize for Best Lighting Design (for Danielle Meirelles), Best Playwright and Best Actor (2019), Best Play in the Amazonas Theater Festival (2017), Best Actor in the XX Rio de Janeiro Theater Festival (2016), among others. In 2020, published the book MACACOS by Editora Cobogó.

On his Artistic Residency at Sesc Pompeia, researched the intersection of theater, stage direction and oppression.

Was on the cast of Royal Shakespeare Company’s Macbeth and studied with Hilton Cobra, Valéria Monã, Raul Cortez, Hilton Lacerda, Anna Mouylaert, Quito, Nídia Lícia, among others.

Macacos has been published as a play and can be bought at Amazon Brazil