The Javier Awards
Annoyance Theatre
4830 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
Comedy, Improv
Feb 24, 2019

THE JAVIER AWARDS are as old as the Oscars and yet more prestigious. Affectionately referred to as “The Javvies” (pronounced hAH-veez), the ceremony will play with the typical conventions that surround such a grandiose type of star-studded event, including emotional acceptance speeches, swelling orchestral exit music, and the inflated sense that this is all completely necessary. Join Mike and Kate as they look back and celebrate a dynamic universe of moving pictures you didn’t even know existed. Red carpet attire is encouraged.

The Javier Awards Kicks off a special Oscars evening at the Annoyance. Come watch the show and stick around for a viewing party of the 91st Academy Awards

Cast includes Abby O’Sullivan, Jesse Kendall, Alyse McGuigan, Andrew Mancini, Kennon McKinney, Jeremiah Gradine, Alex Raynor, Emily Walters, Michael Vizzi, Evan Starkweather, Matt Mahaffrey, Shelby Wolstein, Gabbi Boyd, Katie Dougherty, Becca Russo, Jaclyn Barker, Alexis Alvarado, Nathalie Galde, Dale Fanella, Marisa Lazar, Carter Harms, Danny Wightkin, Will Presley, Joette Waters, Dave Maher, Carley Kohake, Esteban Reyna, Sacha Foxx, Levi Schrader, and Lynnea Malley.

Directed by Kate Learson and Mike DiBiccaro.

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