The Weight of Light
201 S Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60607
Apr 27, 2024

You might like this if…
Disney Pixar’s Inside Out makes you cry
Multimedia performances combining music and film are your jam

You want to walk away with an appreciation for what makes you unique

The ~Vibe~
Generational Stories, Atmospheric Soundscape, Magical Realism

The Story
COT premieres its fifth full-length opera developed and commissioned as part of its industry-leading Vanguard Initiative. When a child inherits a magical ability which allows them to speak with objects, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Their mother, who shares the same ability, does not see it as a gift but as a source of shame. Both child and parent learn to navigate their powers and the responsibilities that come with them in this heartwarming original coming-of-age story.

Creative Team
Composer: Gillian Rae Perry
Librettist: Marcus Amaker
Conductor: Alexandra Enyart

Emily: Hayley Fox*
Dawn: Michelle Mariposa*
Trevor/Object 2: Karlos Piñero-Mercado*
Object 1: Leah Dexter
Object 3: Louise Floyd*

* COT/CCPA Young Artist