Abbey Theatre
Two Pints
The Pub at Chicago Shakespeare Theater
800 E. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
Chicago Shakespeare Courtyard Theater
800 E. Grand
Chicago, IL 60611
Runs Mar 06Mar 31, 2019

For the first time, Chicago Shakespeare’s Pub transforms into an immersive performance venue as two blokes share a pint in Booker Prize-winning Irish novelist Roddy Doyle’s intimate dialogue. Pull up a chair as two men have a drink and a chat in Chicago Shakespeare’s intimate lobby gathering spot. Over the course of a few rounds, the blokes’ innocuous banter evolves into a wide-reaching and deeply revealing philosophy on life, loss, and vegetarianism. Roddy Doyle’s play on bar-stool musings has toured dozens of local pubs dotting the Irish countryside, and now lands in Chicago as the centerpiece of an American tour.

A WorldStage Production from Ireland
written by Roddy Doyle
directed by Caitríona McLaughlin

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