Apr 24: International Voices Project - Finland - "Mammoth"

04.17.2017 06:40:00
International Voices Project (IVP) celebrates the voices of international playwrights from translation to production.
The International Voices Project champions the work of global playwrights by creating opportunities to experience new and contemporary international plays in urban settings and on stages throughout Chicago. IVPS celebrates the mother tongue, and fosters work that brings native languages to the forefront. From its inception, Chicago was conceived as the crossroads of the country. The rail lines that crossed the city now symbolize the role that Chicago will play in the future: as the center of international dialogue and design, creating opportunities for artists and audiences alike to experience the most engaging and provocative new plays from around the world. IVP fosters new translations, supports the work of translators, and creates ongoing relationships with playwrights from the five continents.

Monday, April 24, 2017 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
at Instituto Cervantes | 31 West Ohio Street Chicago, IL 60654

Play: Mammoth formally Jessika's Club
Playwright: Leea Klemola
Translator: Penny Black
Director: Brehan Pautsch
Collaborator: Akvavit Theatre

Synopsis: Jessika’s Cub is a comedy about Jessika’s family, her role as a wife and a mother, and her panic attack-inducing longing for nature and need to get away from the technological world of today.

Jessika, her mother, her husband, and her mental health therapy dog stage a play to help Jessika confront her demons. The idea is to show Jessika’s now adult, absent son what she wishes his upbringing had been like via a video feed of the play. Instead of staying home in front of the computer, in Jessika’s scenario the whole family goes into the woods to get lost.

Right from the get-go, everything goes awry. Despite their best efforts, Jessika’s mother and husband don’t seem able to create a world without technology that would satisfy her. Through personal and marital crises they are, however, able to understand that Jessika doesn’t belong in the modern era but with mammoths and other wild beasts, and start again from there. Jessika’s Cub is about animal instincts and being untamed.

This event is FREE and open to the public. To reserve a ticket, please click here.

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