Aug 26: Look at You (Reading)

08.17.2017 06:00:00
Chicago Dramatists' Saturday Series: August
Playwrights, theatre artists, and the general public convene in the Chicago Dramatists' theatre to witness the birth of a new work for the stage and to participate in its development by offering feedback to its playwright. The plays are always directed and rehearsed and are presented with minimal staging. After each reading, the audience members are invited to fill out written response sheets and to join in a post-reading discussion.

Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 2:00pm
at Chicago Dramatists | 1105 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60642

Look at You
by Jack O'Donnell (Writer's Studio)
Directed by Associate Artist Richard Shavzin

Featuring: Gary Houston*, Belinda Bremner, Jackson Evans* and Associate Artists Kristie Berger* and Stephen Spencer*.

A Gated Community in a large American city: Two lifelong Liberals meet again; she, a successful business woman, house hunting; he, a musician, down on his luck and working as a security guard. An ambitious Resident Manager, a geriatric case and his less-than-geriatric wife with her eye on the musician round out the day. Complaint, recrimination, confession, guilt, stereotyping, betrayal, justification, disappointment and more ensue, as progressive principles bump up against the day-to-day.


This event is FREE ($7 suggested donation at the door) and open to the public.

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