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Luke Babylon: The Christian Magician

Annoyance Productions at Annoyance Theatre
851 W Belmont, Chicago, 60657 | directions
Zach Zimmerman, Writer
M. William Panek, Director

Christian magician Luke Babylon is bringing his unique magical, evangelical performance to Chicago’s den of iniquity: the Annoyance Theatre. Luke has travelled across God’s green earth, bringing his unique message of salvation and card tricks, to adults and children who look like adults. Feeling hungry? Add Dinner at Drew’s! Add dinner on to your show ticket for $29. Head over to Drew’s on Halsted, just down Belmont, for their special pre fixe menu before or after this show. Offer only valid until 10:30 pm.)

PRICE:$10      RUN: Dec 11, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

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Choose a DateOctober 2017

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