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Nickel and Dimed

2257 N. Lincoln Ave. , Chicago, IL, 60614 | directions
Director: Dani Snyder-Young

Production Manager: Kathy Palm
Scenic Designer: Curtis Trout
Lighting Designer: Tristan Meredith
Costume Designer: Celeste Kelley
Sound Designer: Antonio Gracias
Props Designer: Emily Ewing
Stage Manager: Michelle Milham
Assistant Director: Britnee Ruscitti
Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Menke
Assistant Lighting Designer: Aimee Patterson
Managing Director: Daniel Young
Marketing Consultant: Zez Ready
Education & Audience Development Associate: Sarah Menke

Nickel and Dimed is based on the Barbara Ehrenreich (2001) book Nickel and Dimed (On Not Getting By In America). It opens up a productive conversation about social class with a middle and upper-middle class, “traditional” theatre-going audience by engaging them in the story of a journalist who attempts to earn a living as a waitress, a maid, and a retail worker, only to discover how truly difficult it is for women to make ends meet on working-class wages.

PRICE:$22      RUN: Jul 19 - Aug 11, 2013

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