Donor Honor Roll

We thank our generous supporters whose gifts mean so much to the League of Chicago Theatres and to all of our 200 member theatres. The League’s support of programs – such as Hot Tix,, Cooperative Advertising, Networking Events and Professional Roundtables – are of significant importance to the future of our vibrant theater community and each gift helps to ensure that these programs will continue for years to come.

Steve Abrams 
Lauri Alpern
Bannerville USA
Brittany Barnes 
Carolin Belden 
Susan and Don Belgrad 
Michael Bolton 
Robert Bradbury 
Cheryl Lynn Bruce & Kerry James Marshall 
Janet Carl Smith and Mel Smith
Kenneth Catalanotte
Sherwin Chan
Diane Claussen
Bob and Joan Clifford
John Collins 
Marc Condie 
John Culbert
Pat Curtis 
George Dempsey
Lloyd Alan DeVaney
Joseph and Sara Drummond 
Tim Evans 
Maureen Eisenberg
Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation 
Mary Finneran 
Brooke Flanagan 
Victoria Fligel 
Robert & Beth Footlik
Barbara Gaines 
Jeffrey Ginsberg
John Glover 
Michael Goldberger
Albert and Maria Goodman
Amie Granger 
Richard and Mary Gray 
Jonathan L. Green 
Judie Green 
Deborah and John Grobe 
Christine Grodecki
Sam Grodzin
Carol Groom 
James Gruft
James Grusecki
Linda Henderson
Robert Herling
Richard Hesler
Diane Hires
Joan Hohs
Sheldon Holzman
Cynthia Hunt Rudolph
Elizabeth Jacovino
Amy Johnson
Jan Kallish
Beth Kaskel
Paulette Kirschner
Rachel Kraft and Douglas Brown
Eileen LaCario
Kate Lipuma
Laurita Lukas
Teresa Maher
Jeanne Martineau 
Dan McArdle
Bridget McDonough
Aileen McGroddy
Danielle McMillan
Marcelle McVay and Dennis Zacek
Bill Melamed and Jamey Lundblad
Richard and Martha Melman
Jim and Diane Moore
PalMet Venture, LLC 
Francesca Peppiatt
Paulette Petretti 
Nick Petros
Carol Prins and John Hart
Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Merle Reskin
Jeffrey and Teme Ring
Barbara Robertson
Sharon Robinson
Dennis Rossow
David Schmitz 
Karen and Frank Schneider
Roche Schulfer and Mary Beth Fisher
Stephen Scott
Cathy Taylor
Katie Taylor
Randall and Barbara Thomas
Ida Tobe
Andrea and Jerry Vigue
Alan Weiner
Susan and Bob Wislow
Nan Zabriskie Bloom
Emil Zbella