The Tempest

The Tempest 

Oak Park Festival Theatre 

Oak Park Festival Theatre (OPFT) presents in-person performances in their summer home at Austin Gardens, 167 Forest Ave. with William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” July 15-Aug. 22. OPFT Artistic Director Barbara Zahora* directs Shakespeare’s final masterpiece of shipwreck, romance and magic.

Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, was exiled from his dukedom 12 years earlier as part of a power struggle with Prospero’s sister, Antonia. Now the world is turned upside down as Prospero brings his enemies to meet him by a tempest he creates to shipwreck those who have wronged him. Plot twists and turns ensue but ultimately compassion, forgiveness and grace in exile and the love endure.

Featuring Kevin Theis as the wizard Prospero, Deanalis Resto as his child Miranda, Bernell Lassai as the spirit Ariel, and Matt Gall as the monster Caliban.

Unvaccinated audience members are required to wear a mask when moving about the park. Unvaccinated audience members may remove their mask when seated with their pod, but if entering, exiting, or headed to the restroom, please mask up.

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For international purchases, please call (312)977-9483 Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm or Sunday 10am-4pm.

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