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All Childish Things
Runs Jan 23Feb 24, 2019

Four of the all-time greatest Star Wars fans of all time come up with the perfect heist: steal the greatest collection of Star Wars figurines ever…from the Kenner …

The Firestorm
Runs Mar 27Apr 28, 2019

Gaby and Patrick, an interracial power couple hot on the campaign trail, are thrust into the center of a media frenzy when a racially charged incident from Patrick’s …

Henry V
Runs Jul 10Aug 18, 2019

In an effort to save his country and prove himself worthy of the crown, the brash Henry V invades France, only to find himself facing an army ten …

1717 W. 31st St.
Oak Brook IL 60523
First Folio Theatre is in its 22nd season of bringing high-quality performances of Shakespeare and other classics to the Chicagoland suburbs. During that time, the theater has grown from an annual summer show to a year-round operation with three separate and distinct stages. As a professional, not-for-profit organization, First Folio relies upon the support and donations of friends and businesses to continue its efforts and build upon its success.
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