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Logo for Why Dogs Don't Talk. A yellow labrador wearing a flannel shirt and glasses.
Why Dogs Don’t Talk
Comedy, Virtual
Runs Jul 27Aug 08, 2021

Man’s best friend is his dog. So it must follow, then, that a dog’s best friend is…well, his human, right?
What happens to the relationship when that assumption is …

1717 W. 31st St.
Oak Brook IL 60523
First Folio Theatre is in its 22nd season of bringing high-quality performances of Shakespeare and other classics to the Chicagoland suburbs. During that time, the theater has grown from an annual summer show to a year-round operation with three separate and distinct stages. As a professional, not-for-profit organization, First Folio relies upon the support and donations of friends and businesses to continue its efforts and build upon its success.
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