Silk Road Rising

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My Dear Hussein
New Work
Runs Mar 16Apr 19, 2020

A child, a toy dog, and a ruthless dictator walk into a war zone and fanciful imagination breaks free. This surrealistic tale of a four-year-old Iranian girl unfolds …

People of the Book
Runs Sep 15Oct 25, 2020

Struggling artist Amir is trying to be supportive, but when an old friend gains national acclaim as a writer and a war hero, Amir finds it all too …

77 W. Washington St.
Chicago IL 60602
(312) 857-1234 ext. 201
Silk Road Rising (formerly known as Silk Road Theatre Project) creates live and online performance that explores critical world issues through Asian American and Middle Eastern American lenses. In dramatizing stories that reflect communities intersecting, we aim to advance a polycultural worldview.
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