The Comrades

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The Layover
Runs Feb 20Mar 22, 2020

Ever wonder who that stranger is sitting next to you? What is their story? What are they hiding? Shellie and Dex dare to answer these questions after their …

As Bees in Honey Drown
Runs Jul 16Aug 16, 2020

Evan Wyler, a young writer, is the latest “hot young thing” to hit New York City. He finds himself in the irresistible clutches of one Alexa Vere de …

2257 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago IL 60614
The Comrades were founded in January 2016. They are an ensemble-based theater company who create fun, vibrant, and engaging theater with a focus on revitalizing classics and producing area premieres that are relevant in today’s world.  They are a resident company at the Greenhouse Theater Center.
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