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How to Kill a Rodent
Next Draft Series
Comedy, New Work
Runs Jun 01Jun 03, 2024
In How to Kill a Rodent, Canadians Guy and Carrie take a road trip to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in an effort to commit a minor act of terrorism against the United States: assassinate Punxsutawney Phil, that magical prognosticating groundhog, on live television.
Infinity Burns
Avalanche Theatre Next Draft Series
Comedy/Drama, New Work
Runs Jun 08Jun 10, 2024
In Infinity Burns, it is the year 1599 and the monk Giordano Bruno is about to be burned at the stake. His crime: believing that the universe is infinitely large. He has seven days to convince the inquisition that he is right, or recant his views. Set in the dungeons of the inquisition and in the vastness of Bruno’s own imagination, Infinity Burns explores what it takes to live in connection with our internal truth, and when to let it go.
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The mission of Avalanche Theatre is to foster the development of new plays and playwrights through a collaborative coalition of theatre makers. We seek to create opportunities for diverse, innovative, and unconventional writers by creating exciting, community-building developmental performances and feedback sessions that enrich our audiences and allow for the growth of our artists. We strive to create a foundation on which the next generation of theatre writers can build.

We are a strong, passionate community of collaborators who provide a constructive and encouraging environment for the development of new plays, and who work to push the boundaries of what theatre can be.

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