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Man And Moon
co-produced with 16th Street Theater
Comedy/Drama, New Work
Runs Oct 21Nov 13, 2022
Aaron, a transitioning man, meets Luna, a twelve-year-old girl with a deep passion for outer space, in the waiting room of a hospital’s Oncology Unit. Together they learn how to navigate their changing bodies and lives as they fit within the context of space and time. In this new work, playwright Siena Marilyn Ledger takes us on a journey through the solar system without ever leaving the theatre.
Dragonfly Theatre Company offers a supportive environment that encourages artists and playwrights to achieve their full potential by hosting a new play festival and producing new plays and adaptations by emerging playwrights. Dragonfly Theatre seeks to attract audiences with plays that promote a unique, forward-looking point of view. We do this to promote a lifelong appreciation of theatre, and help every generation understand and nurture the complexity and diversity of our world.
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