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Comedy/Drama, Women’s History Month
Runs Mar 22May 04, 2024
Suddenly, at 30, Erica’s in love. Dee really understands her, and opens her eyes to true romance. He’s everything she’s ever wanted: warm, compassionate, a great listener and sexy AF. The fact that he’s a Dairy Queen sign is just a plus.

Nick Robideau walks a beautiful line between humor and depth in the best (and only!) objectum-sexual romance of the year. Inanimate takes us through surprisingly familiar lanes of teenage crushes and confused longings, all while unfolding the universal tale of embracing one’s true desires. Erica’s world, that breathes life into the inanimate, promises an experience that’s as charming as it is enlightening.

1229 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago IL 60657
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