Chicago Theatre Workers Relief Fund Donors

Thank you to our Generous Relief Fund Donors

The Saints, Volunteers for the Performing Arts
Steve Miller, Victory Gardens Theater Board President
Marcelle McVay and Dennis Zacek
The Michael Merritt Awards
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Season of Concern
Valerie Chase
Hope and Jeffrey Sheffield

Jonathan Abarbanel, in honor of The Chicago Theatre Family
John Achor
Diane Adamski
The Jim and Deb Ader Charitable Foundation
David Alex, in honor of Chicago artists
Richard and Andrea Amend
Fred Anzevino
Aaron Aptaker, in honor of Betty Aptaker
Erin Archer
Carolyn Aronson
Neil and Evelyn Aronson
Lynne Baker, in honor of every actor in Chicago
Mary Baim, in honor of Sheldon Patinkin
Baldacci/Cuhna/Kasmer Family Foundation
Neal Ball
Jim Ballowe
Linda Barder
Andrea Barron
Tiffany Bedwell
Larry Bellezzo
Minu Benawra, in honor of Charmaine Spenser who made wonderful face masks
Katherine Bendix
Phoebe Benich, in honor of Lina Benich
Nova Benway, in honor of Tiana Benway
Tiana Benway, in honor of Marie O’Connor
Charles Berglund
Shirley Berling
Jonathan Berry
Oleg Bierman
Rena Bitter, in honor of Criss Henderson in memory of his mother Dona
Carol Ann Black
Erik Blanc
Pamela Block
Joan Blume, in honor of the Chicago Theatre Arts Community
D Bock
Annie Bolger, in honor of the Love of Theatre
Tamiara Bowles, in honor of Karen German
Sandy Boves
Betty and William Boyd
Sandra Boyd-Jansen
Will Brackenbury
Jason Brett, in honor of Winnie Gailen
David Brimm, in honor of Jeremy and Rory Shivers Brimm
Broadway In Chicago
Anne Brook
Wesley Broquard, in honor of Illinois
Michael Broscio
Jeff Brown
Lauren Brown
Theresa Brunsman
Bonita Bryant
Roberta Buchanan
Bob Bullen
Toni Burt
Kelly Butler
Kathleen Byrne, in honor of The Jeff Awards
Cathy and Michael Cahill
Maggie and Barry Cain, in honor of Maryanne Kelly
Elizabeth Caldwell
Jeffrey Callison
Rebecca Cameron
Michael Caramagno
Valerie and James Carroll
Joanne Cascone
Patricia Cawley
Carrie Cervenka, in honor of Mark Thomas Wohlgenant
Mary Ellen Channon
Cynthia Cheski
Rosie Chevalier, in honor of Craig Taylor
Mary Christianson
Deb Clapp
Jim Clark
Patrick and Barbara Clear
Jeannine Cleary
Aurelia and Benjamin Cohen
Marlene Cohen
Eliot Colin
Catherine Connelly, in honor of Mark and Anne Connelly’s birthdays
Charlie Cooper, in honor of Leann Ott
Scott Cowan
Catherine Crino
Linda Crowder
John Culbert
Teresa Cunningham
Kevin Daly
Shanesia Davis, in honor of fellow artists and theatre supporter Alvin Goldfarb
Kingsley Day, in honor of Mary Jo Deysach
Kathy de la Cruz
Carole Deeter
Angelica del Mar
Annette DeLorenzo, in honor of Tori Whaples
Dana DesJardins
Lee Dickson
Annie DiMaria
Layne Dinnell
Renee Dolezal
Alexander R. Domanskis, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Perry Doubt
Joseph and Sara Drummond
Brittany Duncan
Debbie Dunleavy
Tex and Brigid Dutile
Carol Edelson
Bob Eder
Marilyn Eisenberg
Audrey Eisenmann
Bruce Elder, in honor of Wilma Tunick
Helen Elkiss
Mariwyn Evans, in honor of Howard Bimson
Timothy Evans, in honor of Martha Lavey
Elizabeth Fashingbauer, in honor of Bob Fashingbauer Sr.
Kenneth Faust
Susan Feibus
Doreen Feitelberg
Carolyn Feller
Matt Fetbrandt
Michael Fischer
Joan Fisch, in honor of Fisch/Toben Family
Kelly Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Corinne Florentino
Michelle Flores
Alan Forsyth
Laura Fraczek
Elliott Fredland
Marc Freed
Judith Freeman
Barbara French
Laura Friedlander
Dawn and Mark Friedman
Evalena Friedman
Marc Frost
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Tom and Kay Fry, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Willard A. Fry, M.D.
Glenn Gabanski
Bernice Gallagher, in honor of Rick Malette and Kirsten Fitzgerald
Edward and Bryna Gamson
Joann Gawczynski, in honor of all those in the theater community currently unemployed and all the productions of the future.
Pericles Georgopoulos
Virginia Gerst
Anita Gewurz, in honor of Jonathan Gewurz
Allison Gibson
Helen Gibson
Margaret Gielniewski
Gregg Gilman, in honor of Steep Theatre
Sarah Gilmore
Janice Gintzler
Rukmini Girish, in honor of Box Office and Front of House Staff
Ari Glassberg, in honor of Leah Jacobson
John Glover
Ethel Gofen
Anne Goldberg
David Goldberg
Alvin Goldfarb
Ted Goldsmith
Lisa Golladay, in honor of Bill Dunbar
Andrew Gorzen, in honor of Zachary Parkhurst
Gabrielle Gottlieb
Katharine Zoe Graham, in honor of Ken Smouse
Grand Stage
Kevin Grandfield, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Deborah Granite, in honor of Charmaine Spencer
John Grasso
Lynne Pace Green
Susan Green, in honor of Steppenwolf Theatre
Ann Greenseth, in honor of all actors everywhere
Marieanne Griebler
Bruce Grieve
Kate Gronstal
Ann and Mike Groshek, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Marla Grossberg
Alex Gudding
Charles Gurian
Carole Gutter
Tiffany Hach
Susan Haimes
Em Hall
Ardath Hamann
Melanie Hampton
Eileen Hardiman, in honor of Kate Hardiman
Amy Harmon
Ashlee Harris
David Hartt
Debra Hass
Ann Haugo, in honor of Al Goldfarb’s birthday
Steven Haupert
Chase Hauser, in honor of The Chicago Theatre Community
Robert Hauser
Danny Hawkins, in honor of Stephanie Hawkins
Jessica and John Haworth
Cindy Heath
Kevin Heckman
Linda Henderson
Katherine Henrici
Dr. Robert Henry
Kristin Heskett, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Vicki Heyman
HHL Foundation
Douglas Hinckley, in honor of Mark Thomas Wohlgenant
Diane Hires, The Jeff Awards salutes actors and designers
Kevin Hlavka
Ann Hobgood
Sharlene Hoffman
David Holcombe
Natalie Holden
Melissa Hollander, in honor of Mariann Mayberry
Marilyn Hollman
Mary Honda
Martha Hudak, in honor of The Jeff Awards
James L Huffman
Jin-So Huh
Leslie Hyman
Sarah Inendino, in honor of the Chicagoland Virtual Yoga Club
Alexander Infusino
Nicholas James Infusino
Marjorie Isaacson
Mary Jablonskis
Julieanne Jackson
Patricia Jackson
Judith Jakaitis
Amy Janik
Emily Jelsomeno
Sondra Joyce
Stacy Joyce
Daniel Justus
Marian Kaderbek
Sydne Kalet
Kate and Tim Kane, in honor of Court Theatre
Mary Karl
Bonnie H. Kays, given in honor of my amazing daughter Halena Kays
Lee Keenan
Dori Keller
Alexander Kellison
Sharon Kellogg, in honor of Hugh and Charmaine Spencer
Brenda Kickertz
Emily Kneer
John Knight
Peter Knippel, in honor of the fine arts
Les Kniskern, in honor of William T. Gardner
Douglas and Catherine Knuth
Gil Koenigsaecker
Julie Koerner, in honor of The Jeff Awards
Judith Korol
Jenn Kovacs
Rachel Kraft and Doug Brown
Phyllis Kravitz
Lee Krompart, in honor of Congo Square Theater
Suzy Krueckeberg

John Kulczycki
Gary and Diane Kumpf
Frank Lackner
Tom Lally
Janice Lancaster, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Barbara Lanctot
James R. and Laurel M. Lannen
Marlene LaPorte
Andrew Leahy
Richard Leather, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Ann Leeds
Meg Lemon, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Susan Levand, in honor of The Saints
Marnice Lewis
Daniel LHeureux
J David Liechty
David Liesse
Daisy Lindas
Karyn Linn
David Lipschutz
Jerome Loew
Michelle Lopez-Rios
James Lothe
Lauren Louer
Ted Lowitz
Elizabeth Lucas, in honor of all who have given me and others such joy
Paul Lucia
Roseanne Lucianek, in honor of Linda Bieniek
David Lullo
Andrea Mancillas
Ruth Mandel, in honor of all those whose dreams are impacted by COVID-19
Jeffrey Marks, in honor of The Jeff Awards
Tanera Marshall
Lesley A. Martin
James Masini, in honor of Barry Cunnane
Heidi Mayer
Joan Mazzonelli, in honor of Charmaine Spenser
Dan McArdle
Andrea McCarthy, in honor of Valerie Kretchmer
Kelly McCarthy
Katherine McConnell, in loving memory of Mark Wohlgenant
Mary McCudden
Nancy McDaniel, in honor of everyone in Chicago Theatre affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
Andrew McDermott
Barbara McDonald
Leah McGee, in honor of Emily Jelsomeno
Christopher McGeehan
Susan McGowan
Susan and Daniel McGowan
Maureen McGrath
Sara McGuire, in honor of the greatest theatre artists in the world: Chicago
Sheila McGuire
Annaliese McSweeney
Diane Melnick
Rafaela Mendes
Matt Merkt
R.L and M.B. Mickleson
Kathryn Mikel
Mary Mikva, in honor of all actors everywhere
Virginia Miller
John Misak, in honor of the theatre people of Chicago
John R. Mitchell
Ilyse Mohr
Mike Moran, in honor of those with a dream
David Morrison
Eric Morton
George Mottier, on behalf of Paczolt Insurance Alliance
Holly Mulvey
Laura Myers
Laura Nair
Roberta Nash
National Philanthropic Trust
Margaret Needham
Clifford Nelson
Network for Good
Robert Neuhaus
Elizabeth Neukirch
Nancy Nichols, in honor of Jack Carpenter
Sally Noblett
Carolyn and Ken Nopar
Janis Norris Trust
Jacqueline Nussbaum
Mitchell Oldham
Lisa Oppenheim
Kimberly Osgood, in honor of Patricia Kane
Donna Oswald
Mustafa and Kathleen Ozmeral
Susan Padveen
Martha Pardee, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Ron PJ Parsons
Rachael Patterson, in honor of Clay Snider
Barbara Payne, in honor of Julie Ganey
Francesca Peppiatt
John Phillip
Allison Phillips
Sharon Pines
Barbara Pinkert, in honor of Spenser Plays
Chris Plevin
Joyce Porter
Merril Prager
Karen Ptak
Rimma Pugachevsky
Jessica Puller
Carey Quealy
Carmen Quiles
John Raabe, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Sharon Raglin, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Maricar Ramos, in honor of Christy Uchida
John Randle, in honor of The Jeff Awards
Daniel and Genevieve Ratner Foundation
Thomas Ray
DeWayne and Melaney Reed
Tiffany Reidy
Sue Reilly, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Daniel Reinglass, in honor of my Chicago theatre family
Deborah Render
Mary-Carol Riehs, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Amanda Rittenberg, in honor of Dawn Friedman
Ilyse Robbins
Jill Roberts
Christina Robinson, in honor of Charmaine Spencer
Leah Robinson
Deborah Rogers
Diane Rohlfs, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Mark Rosati
Sharon Rosenthal
Richard and Pamela Rosinia
Suzanne Ross
Cynthia Rotondo
Tamara Rosenzweig
Jeri and Joel Rothman
Kevin Rubenstein, in memory of Mark Wohlgenant
Fran Ruffalo
Kathleen Rundell
Michael Rush
Alan Salzenstein
Denise Santomauro
Monique Sattler
Heidi Thompson Saunders
Jill Schacter, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Schawb Charitable
Randall Scheive, in honor of Athenaeum Theatre
Charles Schlaudraff
Christopher Schroeder
Linda Schmidt
Amy Schultz
Susan Schuengel
Allen Schwartz
Bernadyne Semmerling, in honor of Walter J. Semmerling Jr.
Richard and Paula Sette
Michael Shapiro
Jack and Virginia Shapiro
Louise Sharrow
Jeff Sherman
Timothy Sherck
Robert and Leslie Shook
Briana Shucart
Richard and Alma Shure
Debra Siegel
Robin Simon
Lauren Sklar
Carla Skiba
Jennifer Sloan
Norman Sloan
Laurence Sloma, in honor of Lyn Persson
Quinn Sluzenski
Laura Smalley
Gloria Smith
Kimberly Smith
Mark Snyder
Jason Sofianos, in honor of Mark Wohlgenant
Cheryl Sonna
Carol Southard
Estelle Spector
Julie Spector
Catherine Johnson Spector and Alvin Spector
Jennifer Spencer
Adena Staben, in honor of Myrna Knepler
Lisa Stach
Pat Stankard
Wendy Stark Prey
Ruth Stevig
Mary Stewart
Bruce Stigers
Maureen Stoetzel, in honor of Charmaine Spencer
Ben Stoner, in honor of Ashlynne Mizanin & Emily Young
Joanne Storm
Charles Stransky
Carol Stukey
Joyce Suchsland
James Swanson
Ducky and Vicky Swift, in honor of Ian Swift
Walter Swiston
Amy Szerlong
Sarah Tanner, in honor of Todd R. Norris
Bill Termini
Lori Theine
Barbara and Randolph F. Thomas
Rachel Tigner
TimeLine Theatre Company
Mary Toll
Anna Trachtman
Kyler Trautner, in honor of Zane Craigmile
Martin Treu
Martha Trueheart
Gianni Truzzi
Annie Tully
Bonita Turner
Alston Twiss
Christy Uchida
Nancy Valangeon
Vinay Vallabh
Sarah Vanderwicken
Natalie Van Straaten, in honor of Chicago Theatre
Sarah Vanderwicken, in honor of Kristin Larsen
Vanguard Charitable
Ken Vaughn
Raul Vazquez
Carol Veome
Robin Vitucci, in honor of ALW’s Broadcast of Phantom of the Opera
Linda Volino
Alexis Wallace
Jeremy Walton
Neil Warner
Shelley Wax, in honor of my love for theater!!
Candace Wayne
Barbara Weber
Elisabeth Weber
Lorrayne Weiss
Cornelia Wesley
Lisa and Randy White
Martha Whitehead in honor of Chris Jones
Barbara Whitney
Jason Whittle
Amanda Wijangco
Matilda Wilhoite
Hannah Willage, in honor of Marc and Deborah Willage
Ellen Willett
Brian Wilson
Lillian Winkworth
Edward Witkowski
Roseann Wolf, in honor of First Folio Theatre’s Allison Vesely
Nancy Woodruff
Patricia Wozny
Tom Yocky
Jessica Young-Eleazar
Eric Youngquist
Angel Ysaguirre
Henry Zander, in honor of Hilleri Zander
Jerrold Zar
Joseph Zefran, in honor of Mary Kay McPolin
Susan Zellner, in honor of Margaret Matteson

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