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Showbiz Pizza Repertory Theater
Runs Nov 05Nov 19, 2019
Join us for a night of 3 original one-act plays and bask in the glory of true art. You will be moved, you will be shaken to the core, and your will be reborn.
Suited Up
Runs Nov 12Nov 19, 2019
Let this group of tryhards work for your laughter in their ambitious return to sketch comedy.
People Person
Nov 12, 2019
People Person is an honest and absurd reflection on one woman’s desperate need and inability to connect with those around her!
Super Human
Runs Aug 20Dec 17, 2019
Improv at The Annoyance: Dick Wolf Improv (WEDNESDAYS)
Comedy, Improv
Runs Oct 02Nov 27, 2019
In the Criminal Justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate the crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. Dick Wolf Improv tells you their stories.
Chuckle F*ckers
Runs Aug 21Dec 18, 2019

Improv, sketch, music, stand-up, and everything in between. Come be entertained by Annoyance groups that perform new, original and experimental material! New acts every two weeks.

The Beach Bums
Nov 13, 2019
Join Danny Mulae, Flava Flavor Flavour (Tyshawn Chrisp, Warren Stokes, and Jason Tolliver), and The Beach Bums for an evening of Music, Improv, Sketch, and Yo-yos (we aren’t joking).
MINt: Music Improv Night
Runs Nov 07, 2019Jan 30, 2020
M.I.Nt. is a beautifully supportive night of music improv comedy.
College Night
Runs Sep 12Dec 19, 2019
College Night at the Annoyance Theatre is a weekly showcase of Chicago’s cutest college improv and sketch teams.
Comedy, Improv
Runs Jan 10, 2019Apr 30, 2020

Fishbowl hosted by Sight Unseen is a two act improv show. First, Annoyance Students will get a chance to enter their ID’s into a fishbowl. 5 students selected …

Improv at The Annoyance: The Customer is Always Right?
Comedy, Improv
Runs Oct 11Nov 29, 2019
Real life customer service employees will tell the stories of their worst and most awkward customer interactions and then our improv team will show you how that terribly awkward customer interacts with the rest of the world.
Ratas de Dos Patas
Comedy, Improv
Runs Oct 18Nov 22, 2019

Ratas de Dos Patas is a variety comedy show with opening acts ranging from improv, sketch, stand up, and musical acts. The main team, Ratas, is composed of …

Baby Wine
Comedy, Improv
Runs Jul 12, 2019Mar 27, 2020

Baby Wine is an all-gay improv supernova with universally relatable scene-work from a cast filled with unique points of view. Baby Wine can only be described as a …

We Took Edibles An Hour Ago
Runs Oct 04Nov 22, 2019
We Took Edibles an Hour Ago is an improvised, THC induced thrill ride featuring Tommy Karner and Matt Castellvi.
Love You Guys, You’re My Friends
Runs Nov 02Nov 23, 2019
“Love You Guys, You’re My Friends” is a sketch show written and performed by the four friends of Velma who love each other very, very much.
Late Night Shenanigans Presents: All Roads Lead to Detour
Runs Nov 02Nov 16, 2019
Late Night Shenanigans will take you down a road filled with adventure by exploring the past, the present, and the future.
A Lill Annoyance Stand-Up Show
Runs Jan 12, 2019Feb 29, 2020

A 1 hr li’l Stand-Up Comedy Showcase hosted by Lill Allison at The Annoyance in the li’l theater!!!

Annoyance Open Mic
Comedy, Stand-Up
Runs Sep 21, 2019Jan 25, 2020
Come try your hand at standup or solo performance or simply come to watch! Hosted by Lilly Allison.
Burlesque is More
Runs Nov 02Nov 16, 2019
Combining neo-burlesque dancing with comedic monologues and improv, Burlesque Is More is the perfect show for a Saturday night out with the ladies or the fellas.
Cigarette Sandwich
Runs Sep 21Dec 28, 2019
Cigarette Sandwich is finally taking the gloves off, showing you the mewling, betentacled stumps they call hands.
Naughty by Nurture
Runs Nov 10Dec 01, 2019
Antoine McKay and Charley Arksey are proud to present their signature improv form featuring character forward improv wrapped in a flowly style that creates a candid space to speak on and celebrate life with style.
Hot Clown Sex
Runs Nov 03Nov 17, 2019
This weekly variety show is an inclusive, sex positive soiree featuring an ensemble of talented and over-sexed clowns as well as hot new guest performers each week.
Improv at The Annoyance: Missed Call!!!
Comedy, Improv
Runs Nov 17Dec 29, 2019
We’re terrible at answering our phones so we get a lot of voicemails. To start the show we’re going to listen to one of our voicemails with the audience, which we’ve never heard before, and it will be the inspiration for a series of improvised scenes.
Improv at The Annoyance: Improvised Dance Moms
Comedy, Improv
Runs Nov 10Dec 01, 2019
Each night, the cast will improvise a never-seen-before episode of the hit show Dance Moms!
Matt Damon Improv
Comedy, Improv
Runs Aug 11Nov 17, 2019

The cast of Matt Damon Improv is comprised of all women of color “slaying improv comedy,” sometimes featuring a special guest white male(Matt Damon) or female (Lena Dunham) …

Student Jam
Runs Jul 08Dec 23, 2019

A night for Annoyance students to JAM!

Improv at The Annoyance: Bestworld
Runs Nov 19Dec 17, 2019
BestWorld: building the perfect theme park, one disaster at a time!
The Annoyance Christmas Pageant 2019
Children’s/Family, Comedy, Holiday
Runs Nov 23Dec 28, 2019
The Annoyance Christmas Pageant takes two well loved, holiday children specials and combines them into two acts.
It’s Christmas, Goddamnit!
Comedy, Holiday
Runs Nov 23Dec 28, 2019
This year’s annual Christmas celebration at the James’ home has a macabre twist.
Burlesque is More Presents: Nice N’ Naughty
Comedy, Holiday
Nov 23, 2019
“Burlesque is More Presents: Nice N’ Naughty” features some of the most hilarious holiday themed characters a burlesque show could have this time of year.
The Legend of the Christmas King
Comedy, Musical
Runs Nov 26Dec 17, 2019
Come along as he tells the tale of the Florida man who replaced Santa and either brings you gifts or burns your house down, it depends.
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The Annoyance, founded in 1987, has created over 100 shows spanning improvisation, sketch, one-act and full-length plays, cabaret and burlesque reviews and original musicals. Hundreds of people have been a part of The Annoyance, many of whom can currently be seen on local and national stages, television and in feature films. Also, we have a bar.
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