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True Grits
Runs Aug 26Sep 16, 2019

True Grits is a solo show about southern women. It is “Steel Magnolias” meets “Designing Women.”
Lauren Lonergan grew up all over the south. She is related to Margaret …

Student Jam
Runs Jul 08Dec 23, 2019

A night for Annoyance students to JAM!

The Thirty-Year-Old Virgo
Sep 16, 2019

Help Michelle celebrate her first time… doing a solo show! The 30-Year-Old Virgo is an earnest exploration of love, labels, and lack of intimacy written and performed by …

Improv at The Annoyance: True Crimes
Comedy, Improv
Runs Sep 10Oct 29, 2019
What makes serial killers kill? What makes cult leaders lead cults? Why are so many conspiracies theorized?
MINt: Music Improv Night
Improv, Music
Runs Aug 20Sep 24, 2019

4 ensembles of improvisers, together for 4 months, doing weekly music improv sets.

Come watch what feats of improv bravery these performers exhibit weekly, and join us for good’ole …

Naked Angels Tuesdays@9 Chicago
Staged Reading
Runs Sep 18, 2018Nov 26, 2019

Tuesdays@9 is a free weekly cold reading series founded by the renowned Off-Broadway theater company, Naked Angels, in NYC. Annoyance is proud to be the Chicago outpost for …

Super Human
Runs Aug 20Dec 17, 2019
Fortune Teller Show
Runs Aug 28Sep 18, 2019

Each week, the improvisers of The Fortune Teller Show use tarot cards to peer into your future. See them create improv comedy, as directed by the very hand …

Trigger Happy
Runs Aug 21Oct 30, 2019

The show consists of a series of unrelated scenes that are inspired by a single suggestion from the audience. During the show the cast share an invisible language …

Chuckle F*ckers
Runs Aug 21Dec 18, 2019

Improv, sketch, music, stand-up, and everything in between. Come be entertained by Annoyance groups that perform new, original and experimental material! New acts every two weeks.

Ego Trip
Runs Aug 28Sep 18, 2019

Ego Trip takes the best parts of a late night talk show and brings them to you live every Wednesday with a rotating set of incredible acts. This …

ANARCHY: An Improvised Rock Opera
Runs Sep 19Oct 24, 2019
ANARCHY is a completely sung, completely improvised rock opera featuring Chicago’s finest musical improvisers. Get ready to fight the power.
College Night
Runs Sep 12Dec 19, 2019
College Night at the Annoyance Theatre is a weekly showcase of Chicago’s cutest college improv and sketch teams.
Comedy, Improv
Runs Jan 10, 2019Apr 30, 2020

Fishbowl hosted by Sight Unseen is a two act improv show. First, Annoyance Students will get a chance to enter their ID’s into a fishbowl. 5 students selected …

The Customer is Always Right
Comedy, Improv
Runs Aug 30Sep 27, 2019

We all have had terrible customer service experiences and it is time for them to bring us together. Improv and customer service come together in this show that …

Dick Wolf Improv
Comedy, Improv
Runs Aug 16Sep 20, 2019

In the Criminal Justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate the crime and the district attorneys who prosecute …

Comedy, Improv
Runs Jul 12Oct 25, 2019

SHEBEAST is the loudest, nastiest, sexiest group of he-women you’ve ever seen. They stomp through life making jokes and taking names. You a down right DIRTY DOG? Then …

Baby Wine
Comedy, Improv
Runs Jul 12, 2019Mar 27, 2020

Baby Wine is an all-gay improv supernova with universally relatable scene-work from a cast filled with unique points of view. Baby Wine can only be described as a …

Comedy, Improv
Runs Jan 11Oct 25, 2019

It starts with an audience suggestion then the players create a full length thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. There could be murder, car chases, gun play, …

The Oddball Social Club
Runs Aug 17Sep 21, 2019

This sweet variety show is a mashup of improv with other art forms. The show features improv from a rotating cast of some of the best performers from …

Fire & Beer
Comedy, Improv
Runs Jan 12Sep 28, 2019

Cast members include Emily Anderson, Keegan Hill, Kevin Horst, Brooke Montoya, Wolfgang Stein, James Tierney, Trey Hanks, Jessica Lauren Scott, and Kayla Pulley.

Shark Tank: The Musical
Runs Aug 24Sep 21, 2019

Ever watch the tv show Shark Tank and think “That show would make a great musical!”  Well, your friends at The Annoyance did.   A great cast of Annoyance regulars play …

A Lill Annoyance Stand-Up Show
Runs Jan 12, 2019Feb 29, 2020

A 1 hr li’l Stand-Up Comedy Showcase hosted by Lill Allison at The Annoyance in the li’l theater!!!

Suited Up- a Sketch Show by SPLIFF
Runs Sep 15Oct 06, 2019
After two solid years of mass-producing bits and ragers in Chicago, the baddest roommates you know are sweaty, suited, and ready to get down to business.
Matt Damon Improv
Comedy, Improv
Runs Aug 11Nov 17, 2019

The cast of Matt Damon Improv is comprised of all women of color “slaying improv comedy,” sometimes featuring a special guest white male(Matt Damon) or female (Lena Dunham) …

Missed Call
Runs Aug 25Nov 10, 2019

We’re terrible at answering our phones so we get a lot of voicemails. To start the show we’re going to listen to one of our voicemails with the …

The Perfect Walking Stick
Runs Sep 23Sep 30, 2019

Hit it!! Join Carly Strait on a walk through her very own coming of age story. She has finally
found it… the Perfect Walking Stick. The journey through one …

Double Feature Solo Shows
Sep 23, 2019
Daniel Karambelas and Trent Dozier each bring you 30 minutes of unique character work in this Double Feature Solo Showcase.
Nothings Wrong Time
Sep 25, 2019

It’s our historic and record-setting 3rd edition of NOTHING’S WRONG TIME. Beloved producer and absolutely normal person Alosha Robinson has moved to Los Angeles (he said something about …

Splatter Theater 2019
Runs Sep 28Oct 31, 2019

A parody of Friday the 13th type movies, the characters in “Splatter Theater” include such archetypes as the nun, the school jock, the virgin, the class dick, and …

I Know What You Did Last Splatter
Runs Sep 28Oct 31, 2019

Something witchy this way comes, as the sequel to Splatter Theater picks up seven years after The Mayfield Massacre. Survivor Ellen Epley, now pregnant but still tormented by …

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The Annoyance, founded in 1987, has created over 100 shows spanning improvisation, sketch, one-act and full-length plays, cabaret and burlesque reviews and original musicals. Hundreds of people have been a part of The Annoyance, many of whom can currently be seen on local and national stages, television and in feature films. Also, we have a bar.
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