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AstonRep Theatre Company Presents 12th Annual Writer’s Series
Runs Jan 30Jan 31, 2021

Saturday, January 30 at 3 pm CST

American Dinner

American Dinner follows a mixed-race, mixed culture family on the one-year anniversary of the patriarch’s death, over one weekend at the …

The 12th Annual Writers Series
Runs Jan 30Jan 31, 2021

Since the company’s founding, AstonRep Theatre Company has hosted their annual Writer’s Series – a festival featuring Chicago-based and national playwrights who get an opportunity to workshop near-finished …

1217 W. Lunt Ave. #1B
Chicago IL 60626
AstonRep Theatre Company is an ensemble of artists committed to creating exciting, intimate theatrical experiences that go beyond the front door to challenge the audience and spark discussion where the show is not the end of their experience: It is just the beginning.
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