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The Duchess of Malfi
Classic, Drama
Runs Sep 09Oct 21, 2023
When the widowed Duchess of Malfi chooses to love again, honestly and defiantly, the men in her family do everything in their power to break those that would dare to flout the unspoken rules of a “traditional” society.
Babes With Blades Theatre Company uses stage combat to tell stories that elevate the voices of underrepresented communities and dismantle the patriarchy. Through performance, script development, training and outreach, our ensemble creates theatre that explores the wide range of the human experience, and cultivates broader perspectives in the arts community and in society as a whole.

Though BWBTC aligns with the concept of “traditional theatrical experiences,” what is seen on stage is anything but, and has proudly pushed the boundaries of who’s stories are told with stage combat since 1997.