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That’s Weird, Grandma: Fantastic Beasts and the Stories About Them
Runs Jun 24Aug 12, 2019

Meet the strange and wonderful creatures created by Barrel of Monkeys students, from talking animals to intergalactic lifeforms. BOM performers bring these beings to life through song, dance …

The Neo-Futurists Theater
5153 N Ashland
Chicago, IL 60640
Barrel of Monkeys, a Chicago-based arts education theater ensemble now in its 18th season, conducts creative writing workshops with 3rd through 5th grade students in Chicago elementary schools. The ensemble of actor-educators then turns their stories and words into professionally performed theater, presented both in-school and for the general public through its revues. Barrel of Monkeys annually performs more than 300 student-written stories for the students in their schools and 175 stories on the stage for the general public.
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