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Jack and the Beanstalk
Children’s/Family, Musical
Runs May 01Jul 26, 2024
Come along with Jack and his best friend Carmelita (a Spanish-Speaking Cow), as they try to save their village from a crazy Giant! Along the way you’ll meet a beautiful singing Harp, a Golden Goose, and a wacky Bean Salesman. Watch the Giant Beanstalk grow on stage! 
4124 N. Nashville Avenue
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 205-9600
Founded in 1992 as a non-profit theater company, Chicago Kids Company has produced 53 original musicals based on fairy tales and children’s stories. CKC performs for over 50,000 people each year. Chicago Kids Company productions feature professional actors, sing-along songs, brightly colored costumes and sets, up-to-date references, and are geared for children ages 2 to 10 and their families.

The two co-founders of CKC (Paige Coffman and Jesus Perez) still run the show! Together they write, direct, compose, design, and create their signature colorful entertaining productions. This award-winning duo has written and produced every single CKC show for the past 31 years.

CKC’s productions are original musicals adapted from Classic Fairy Tales. They feature professional actors, up-to-date references, sing-along songs, brightly colored costumes and sets, and some of the goofiest characters you’ll ever see on stage!

All CKC productions are geared for children ages 2 to 10. CKC shows are perfect for Field Trips, Family Get-Togethers, Birthday Parties, … or just a family outing! Now in its 31st season, Chicago Kids Company is thrilled to continue to share the joy of theatre!