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Rezoned: Sketches from the Twilight
Runs Apr 04May 04, 2019

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of comedy. A journey into an absurd place whose boundaries are that of imagination. …

The Fifth Ace
Runs Apr 05May 10, 2019

Take a second and remember the days of your youth. Remember those kids you wished you got to know better? Remember those lovable oddballs who just seemed too …

Dijon: Fancy Mustard Improv Hour
Comedy, Improv
Runs Apr 06May 11, 2019

We are Dijon! We are a cast of 4 who met through iO’s Training Center and can’t get rid of each other now. We’re silly, love a good …

The Long Con: A Postmodern Vaudeville?
Runs Apr 16May 07, 2019

Comedy, tragedy, ecstasy, sincerity, clarity, parody, rarity, vulgarity, severity, temerity, irregularity, hilarity. The Long Con is the show that brings all of this and more to a Cornservatory …

Storefront Theater Musical
Comedy, Musical
Runs May 16Jun 29, 2019

If Disney can do it…Corn can skew it! Corn Productions is proud to give the people what they want…nay what they NEED…a parody of High School Musical! …

4210 N. Lincoln
Chicago IL 60618
Original comedy, both scripted and improv based. Brash! Bawdy! BYOB!
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