Corn Productions

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Chunky Puppies Laugh Buffet with Friends
Comedy, Improv
Runs Feb 14Feb 29, 2020

Winter is here and the Puppies need to get their winter bodies ready. It’s been scientifically proven that one breath of laughter equates to 35 calories. Meaning the …

Nealshow Productions
Death Is So Much Worse
Comedy, New Work
Runs Mar 10Apr 04, 2020

Albany Park landlord Laszlo (Chuck Merydith) has always prioritized his tenants’ needs. Craving a home-cooked meal? Laszlo’s got a pot of soup just for you. Faucet knob won’t …

4210 N. Lincoln
Chicago IL 60618
Original comedy, both scripted and improv based. Brash! Bawdy! BYOB!
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