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Court’s Theatre & Thought series presents
The World of August Wilson + The Black Creative Voice
Runs Sep 08Sep 29, 2020

Dr. Kenneth Warren, the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor in English at the University of Chicago, and an expert on American and African American literature from the …

Deep Dive: Tom Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt
Runs Oct 05Nov 16, 2020

In its most ambitious addition to the Fall season, Court Theatre’s Deep Dive: Leopoldstadt provides an in-depth examination of Tom Stoppard’s epic drama, Leopoldstadt. Leopoldstadt is a place, a state of mind, …

Court’s Theatre & Thought series presents
Euripides’ The Bacchae + Contemporary Adaptations
Runs Oct 07Oct 28, 2020

The extant Greek plays continue to speak to contemporary cultures, fueled by a myriad of creative retellings and adaptations by contemporary playwrights. Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy explores the …

Court’s Theatre & Thought series presents
Lorraine Hansberry’s Les Blancs + Racial Injustice
Runs Jan 06Jan 27, 2021

Widely considered to be Hansberry’s last and perhaps most important work, Les Blancs explores issues of coloniality, Black nationalism, and imperialism in a fictional African country that stands in for …

Runs Jan 21Feb 21, 2021

In the aftermath of a civil war, Creon shames the rebel Polynices by leaving him unburied on the battlefield. In defiance of the Theban ruler, Antigone plans to …

Scenes from the British Wreck Commissioner’s Inquiry, 1912
Runs Feb 14Mar 07, 2021

The sinking of the RMS Titanic has long been studied for its historical significance and unmistakable hubris. A survivors’ story fraught with intrigue, Owen McCafferty’s Titanic (Scenes from the British Wreck …

Runs Mar 18Apr 18, 2021

On the foggy fens of England, the ghosts of the past haunt the women laboring in the fields. Seizing on a new relationship as a potential path to …

Runs Apr 11May 02, 2021

Othello, the great Venetian general, unknowingly seals his fate when he fails to select his standard-bearer, Iago, for a military promotion. When his wife, Desdemona, is implicated in …

Classic, Drama
Runs May 13Jun 13, 2021

Othello, the great Venetian general, unknowingly seals his fate when he fails to select his standard-bearer, Iago, for a military promotion. Implicating Othello’s wife, Desdemona, in an affair, …

August Wilson’s
Two Trains Running
Runs Jun 06Jun 27, 2021

Amidst the Civil Rights Movement, Memphis Lee’s restaurant is slated for demolition. While Memphis fights to sell his diner for a fair price, the rest of the restaurant’s …

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Named “the most consistently excellent theatre company in America” by The Wall Street Journal, Court Theatre is dedicated to discovering and conveying the power of classic theatre.  Sometimes this means an imaginative re-envisioning of a classic work to uncover immediately relevant messages; sometimes it means expanding the definition of what makes a classic into often overlooked areas, such as the African American canon and musical theatre; and sometimes it means exploring more recent works that are sure to become classics.  Whatever your definition, you haven’t seen classic theatre until you’ve seen it at Court.
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