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Theatre for One: Here We Are
Runs Feb 19Mar 14, 2021

Theatre For One: Here We Are is a live digital theatrical experience that brings together one actor and one audience member featuring eight new microplays that speak to …

An Iliad (Streaming)
Runs Mar 03Mar 31, 2021

Remounted three times across Court’s history, Artistic Director Charles Newell’s production of An Iliad showcases the power of classic theatre to speak to our current moment. Interrogate how …

5535 S. Ellis
Chicago IL 60637
Named “the most consistently excellent theatre company in America” by The Wall Street Journal, Court Theatre is dedicated to discovering and conveying the power of classic theatre.  Sometimes this means an imaginative re-envisioning of a classic work to uncover immediately relevant messages; sometimes it means expanding the definition of what makes a classic into often overlooked areas, such as the African American canon and musical theatre; and sometimes it means exploring more recent works that are sure to become classics.  Whatever your definition, you haven’t seen classic theatre until you’ve seen it at Court.
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