First Floor Theater

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Drama, New Work
Runs May 16Jun 15, 2024
Most careers don’t last longer than three months in Miami’s professional-amateur porn scene. But the girls are doing it for themselves now, and for the first time, people won’t just be watching them – they’ll be paying attention.
In His Hands
Runs Jul 25Aug 24, 2024
Daniel, a Mario Kart wizard and aspiring Lutheran pastor, is falling for Christian. But as these men explore the potential of their new relationship, voices from Christian’s past threaten to overpower the connection they share – with one another, and something bigger than themselves
1331 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
First Floor Theater stages stories of individuals facing moments of radical change. By combining visceral acting, immersive design, and collaborative dramaturgy, FFT expands these stories to ask urgent social questions.