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The Adventures Of Cleaver and Whizjam On The Isle of Oogle
Mar 07, 2021

Cleaver Wheaton loves her family, trees and freedom. She loses them all at the hands of her new guardians, the Raldos. While escaping and in search of her …

Chicago, IL
HER STORY THEATER’s mission is to shine bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support. Shows, fictionalized for the stage, are based on interviews with Chicagoans on social issues such as homelessness, sex trafficking, violence against women. We provide the Chicago Writers Exchange open to all genres. Our Youth program involves engages students 7th-12 grade. Productions include Gloss Over, Shadow Town, The Johns, Money Make’M Smile, Mongers and The Side Shows for field professionals, educators and youth. A 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation
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