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Yan Duyvendak and Omar Ghayatt
Still in Paradise
Runs Apr 18Apr 21, 2019
Still in Paradise by Yan Duyvendak and Omar Ghayatt—the prologue to Made in Paradise (2008)—was conceived in the swelling tide since 9/11 in which the Arab world as a whole has become suspect and, for many Westerners, neoliberal values are the only guarantee of a functioning society.
Yan Duyvendak and Roger Bernat
Please, Continue (Hamlet)
Runs Apr 25Apr 27, 2019

Please, Continue (Hamlet), written and directed by Yan Duyvendak with Roger Bernat, is framed as a homicide trial in which a Chicago cast performs in the roles of Gertrude, Ophelia, …

Adrienne Truscott
Runs May 02May 05, 2019
Adrienne Truscott’s Bessie-nominated work THIS is propelled by both blistering satire and choreographic composition as radical tools for capturing and holding an audience’s attention.
Manuela Infante
Estado Vegetal
Runs May 09May 11, 2019
Created with an all-woman team, the play uses Infante’s sublime sense for comedy and theater in service of philosophical concepts about plant intelligence and vegetative soul.
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