Open Space Arts

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Runs Apr 04May 11, 2024
A comedy of identity and sexuality
1411 W Wilson
Chicago, IL 60625
OPEN SPACE ARTS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to combating homophobia and antisemitism through the transformative power of creativity and cultural expression. Our mission is to foster inclusivity, promote understanding, and empower marginalized communities by utilizing various artistic mediums to challenge discriminatory beliefs and attitudes.


Raise Awareness: We aim to raise public awareness about the harmful impacts of homophobia and antisemitism through thought-provoking artistic initiatives. We will create film fests,  exhibitions, performances, and events that highlight the experiences, struggles, and achievements of LGBTQ+ individuals and the Jewish community.
Education and Dialogue: We believe in the power of education and open dialogue to break down stereotypes and foster empathy. Through workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, we will engage the community in conversations about homophobia, antisemitism, and their intersectionality, promoting understanding, respect, and acceptance.
Empowerment: Our organization is committed to empowering LGBTQ+ individuals and the Jewish community to counter discrimination and prejudice. We will provide platforms for artists from these communities to showcase their work, supporting their creative expression and amplifying their voices.
Collaborations and Partnerships: We recognize the importance of collaboration in effecting meaningful change. We will actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations, community leaders, artists, and influencers to expand our reach, share resources, and collectively combat homophobia and antisemitism.
Advocacy and Policy Reform: We will advocate for creating and implementing inclusive policies that protect the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals and the Jewish community. We will work toward systemic change and social justice through grassroots initiatives, public campaigns, and partnerships with advocacy groups.
By embracing the power of the arts, fostering dialogue, and empowering communities, we strive to create a more inclusive society that celebrates diversity, rejects discrimination, and builds bridges of understanding between different cultures and identities. Together, we can create a world free from homophobia and antisemitism.