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Runs Jan 23Jan 31, 2022

A New York love story that toes the line between narrative and doc with two actors reliving parts of their own experiences. Ben has meaningless one-night stands that leave him …

The Perfect David
Runs Jan 16Jan 24, 2022

At sixteen, David is much like any teenager, but his boyish good looks rest upon a hulking, muscular body, the result of a weightlifting obsession driven by his …

When There Are Nine
Drama, New Work
Runs Feb 10Mar 13, 2022

WHEN THERE ARE NINE is a world premiere dream play by American writer Sally Deering of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last day on earth, will be given …

4139 N Broadway
Chicago IL 60613
1 800 737 0984
The PRIDE ARTS CENTER (PAC), home to Pride Films & Plays, consists of two performance spaces: The Buena at 4147 N. Broadway which has 44 seats and The Broadway at 4139 N. Broadway which has 85 seats.
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