Proboscis Theatre Company

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Ol’Factory Festival of Physical Theatre
Circus, Holiday, Physical Theater
Runs Dec 07Dec 17, 2023
Probosics brings you the first ever Ol’Factory Festival of Physical Theatre. Dozens of performers in six different dazzling productions across 10 days in December.
Comedy/Drama, Literary Adaptation, Physical Theater
Runs Dec 07Dec 17, 2023
Eight women find themselves on a metaphorical deserted island, and take a journey through Shakespeare’s text to find that Prospero is nowhere to be found. Their journey begins in isolation, loneliness and ends with connection and unity.
Founded in 2010 by Jeff Mills, Proboscis creates a theatrical world that is physically daring, dramatically gripping and visually gorgeous. Our multidisciplinary approach mixes masks, puppets, live music, circus and clowning with traditional dramatic acting styles. Most of our work is original and devised by the ensemble but we also love Shakespeare, the Greeks, Beckett and plays from around the world. Our mission is to provoke imaginative collaboration between audience and artist. Together we create an unforgettable theatrical experience that is transformational for everyone in attendance!