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A Doll’s House
Classic, Drama
Runs Feb 06Mar 22, 2020

Nora, a spirited young housewife, is a radical thinker trapped in the patriarchal world of 1870s Norway. Life with her husband, Torvald, is comfortable, if uninteresting. But when …

Eden Prairie, 1971
Comedy/Drama, New Work
Runs May 11Jun 21, 2020

On the same night Apollo 15 lands on the moon, draft-dodger Pete steals home to Eden Prairie, Minnesota, after a 300 mile walk from Canada. He risks arrest, …

Inherit the Wind
Runs Sep 24Nov 08, 2020

The national spotlight turns to the small town of Hillsboro after local teacher Bert Cates is arrested for discussing evolution with his students. As prayer and protest collide, …

The Luckiest
Runs Oct 22Dec 06, 2020

Lissette is a vibrant and fiercely independent young woman. But when a sudden diagnosis shatters her world into pieces, she finds herself at odds with her mother and …

Beautiful Thing
Runs Feb 11Mar 28, 2021

Jamie and Ste are two boys living in low-class flats in southeast London. They attend school, talk gossip, and sit outside to bask in the sun. They live …

The Last Pair of Earliest
Runs May 06Jun 20, 2021

Ever since he was a teenager in Mississippi, Wayland Early could count on two things – his talent for making handmade shoes, and the love of his bride, …

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Raven Theatre is committed to presenting the range of modern drama from Ibsen to the most current playwrights on the rise. Through a vigorous program of full productions and new play development, as well as a first class theatre education series Raven creates a powerful and welcoming environment in which artists hone their skills, young students gain valuable insights into theatre arts, and patrons experience high quality programming that is easily accessible to all.
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