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Collected Stories
Runs Apr 28Jun 04, 2022

Gossip is a neglected art form. Prominent author Ruth takes her fiction student Lisa under her wing – until Lisa’s success comes in the form of a story …

Runs Jun 23Jul 31, 2022
A woman suddenly against the world, Antigone just wants to give her brother a fair burial — and she isn’t afraid to fight the patriarchy to do it.
1044 W. Bryn Mawr
Chicago IL 60660
MISSION: To do white hot drama, in a tiny black box, with a little red twist.

White hot drama that packs emotional force, examines moral dilemmas, and reveals greater truths…

in a tiny black box specifically tailored for every show, closing the gap between actor and audience …

with a little red twist in concept and design that is intimate, comfortable, and safe, yet intense, edgy, and thrilling, at a distance only inches away.

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