Redtwist Theatre

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Comedy/Drama, New Work
Runs Mar 13Apr 14, 2019

A queer coming of age comedy with a Bruce Springsteen Rock n’ Roll soul, starring Redtwist company member Kathleen Ruhl

After graduating from high school, Natalie (Simran Bal) gets …

Below the Belt
Comedy, Comedy/Drama
Runs May 17Jun 16, 2019

A bizarre dark comedy about three men working as checkers for an unnamed company in a remote land. Merkin is the power-obsessed boss, Hanrahan the tortured middle manager …

King Lear
Runs Jul 02Aug 02, 2019

Shakespeare’s razor-sharp, merciless dissection of the sin of pride, and the devastating cost it wreaks on those—and by those—who are too egocentric to recognize it…or too proud to …

1044 W. Bryn Mawr
Chicago IL 60660
MISSION: To do white hot drama, in a tiny black box, with a little red twist.

White hot drama that packs emotional force, examines moral dilemmas, and reveals greater truths…

in a tiny black box specifically tailored for every show, closing the gap between actor and audience …

with a little red twist in concept and design that is intimate, comfortable, and safe, yet intense, edgy, and thrilling, at a distance only inches away.

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