Theatre L’Acadie

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Facility Theatre
1138 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
(337) 349-1170
Theatre L’Acadie, founded by Brandii Champagne and Kate Romero, is named for the culture of the region of Louisiana from which they were born, raised, and began their theatrical careers. It is this emphasis on our roots that has inspired Theatre L’Acadie’s mission to produce raw,  unproduced, honest works of theatre that highlight the often ugly aspects of the human experience. We made our debut as a company in 2019 with 70 Scenes of Halloween, and concluded our season with a timely production of Tennessee Williams’s Two Character Play.

Showcasing a unique and evocative visual artist every season, the group enjoys bringing together music, dance, and visual arts to leave people with a taste for something new. The group focuses on lesser-known works by popular artists, new works, and sometimes even the rejected works of the theater world. Through these works, the group hopes to Incite change or provoke thought in a community through conversation.

Theatre L’Acadie exists because of the passion of the artists that drive our work, our company members: Sam Anderson, Stephanie Baires, Kevin Blair, Melanie Coffey, Brandii Champagne, Simon Gebremedhin, Capri Gehred-O’Connell, Jordan Gleaves, Laura Jasmine, Alexandra Jaymes, Erin Sheets, and Brandon Wright.