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Level 1: Improv and Physics
Online Classes
Runs Oct 20Dec 19, 2020

Start here and dive into Dramatic Improvisation. Students will learn about the connection between strong scene work and the physical environment in self, scene partner, and environment. Learn …

Level 2: Realistic Characters and Relationships
Online Classes
Runs Dec 15, 2020Feb 13, 2021

Prerequisites: Level 1 or instructor permission

Students will focus on developing rich, three-dimensional characters with multiple facets. Personal experience and other sources will help them to develop characters with …

Level 3: Improv as Writing
Online Classes
Runs Feb 16Mar 30, 2021

Prerequisites: Level 2 or instructor permission

Students will focus on treating their improvised scenes like they were fully scripted. They will learn tools that focus on compelling language, storytelling, …

1803 W. Byron St. Suite 215-16
Chicago, IL 60613
(872) 216-8775

Chicago’s only theatre dedicated to dramatic improv

“Improv is acting. Improv is writing. Improv is theatre.”
-Tony Rielage |  Artistic Director, Head Instructor

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