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Level 2: Realistic Characters and Relationships
Online Classes
Runs Dec 15, 2020Feb 13, 2021

Prerequisites: Level 1 or instructor permission

Students will focus on developing rich, three-dimensional characters with multiple facets. Personal experience and other sources will help them to develop characters with …

Level 3: Improv as Writing
Online Classes
Runs Feb 16Mar 30, 2021

Prerequisites: Level 2 or instructor permission

Students will focus on treating their improvised scenes like they were fully scripted. They will learn tools that focus on compelling language, storytelling, …

1803 W. Byron St. Suite 215-16
Chicago, IL 60613
(872) 216-8775

Chicago’s only theatre dedicated to dramatic improv

“Improv is acting. Improv is writing. Improv is theatre.”
-Tony Rielage |  Artistic Director, Head Instructor

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