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Somebody’s Child
Runs Oct 04Oct 26, 2019

Dan and Jan are married, and they aren’t happy. They fight every day, they know their respective habits, and manipulation is only half of the fun.  In the …

Runs Oct 11Nov 02, 2019

Tonight we tell an ages old tale!  A tale you will all find familiar. The tale of a writer and an actor creating the next Great American Horror …

Runs Nov 15Dec 07, 2019

Afghanistan/Wisconsin is a collection of stories from service members and their spouses. These stories come directly from their lips and are reborn on our stage.  We can only imagine …

115 N Genesee St
Waukegan IL 60085
our theatre is our home and family. we’re building a place of acceptance by welcoming artists and audiences to share their stories, to explore our inner and outer selves and culture. our only goal is to grow our family one member at a time and produce the finest theatre we possibly can. three brothers is devoted to three concepts: brash, brave, and bare. brash artists, brave words, and bare performance.
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