Trap Door Theatre

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Joan and the Fire
Comedy/Drama, Women’s History Month
Runs Mar 09Apr 15, 2023
Following the successes of Trap Door’s productions of How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients, Occidental Express, and many other plays written by Matei Vişniec, Managing Director Nicole Wiesner directs this newly translated Vişniec piece exclusively commissioned for Trap Door Theatre.
1655 W. Cortland
Chicago IL 60622
“No other theater can consistently suspend reality to create overwhelming and oftentimes-otherworldly atmosphere, usually before the action or dialogue even begins, like Trap Door Theatre. To say that they are the foremost purveyors avant-garde theater in Chicago is to understate this portal to alternate realms. Hidden down a narrow walkway, next to a bar, behind a restaurant, on a side street in Bucktown is a black trap door that opens into the extremes of theatrical imagination. You could drive by it and easily miss this purgatorial paradise of the sublime surreal,” Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review