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Runs Oct 06Oct 09, 2022

In a potentially parallel timeline where a climate apocalypse has wiped out animals and insects, an entomologist and her brother follow a migration of monarch butterflies to what …

Literary Adaptation
Runs Oct 27Oct 30, 2022

Orlando has savored all that life could offer to an exquisite young nobleman. He is discontent despite romances with Elizabeth I, a Russian Princess, and countless maidens, until …

Dream of Home
Dance Concert: The Dream of Home
Runs Nov 17Nov 20, 2022
This annual dance concert will celebrate the semester-long work of dance students.
Newhart Family Theatre
1020 W. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60660
Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts produces Theatre that takes advantage of the best of a liberal arts education. Our students receive a strong foundation in all aspects of the art form; from theatre history, literature, and criticism to performance, design, and directing.
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