• Cosmologies

    The Gift Theatre

    Put the whimsical humor of the Keystone Cops and Bugs Bunny ...

  • De Troya

    Halcyon Theatre

    A mysteriously wounded girl washes on shore and meets young ...

  • FORTS! build your own adventure

    FORTS! build yo...

    Filament Theatre

    Enter a world of play and creation as Filament Theatre trans...

  • Hamlet

    The Gift Theatre

    After the death of his dad, a young black man named Hamlet r...

  • Hang Man

    Hang Man

    The Gift Theatre

    The community of a backwoods Southern town grapples with the...

    New Work
  • The Van Gogh Cafe - a story in 5 courses

    The Van Gogh Ca...

    Filament Theatre

    At the Van Gogh Cafe, it’s not a question of if magic will...