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Wedding Band

The Artistic Home at The Artistic Home
1376 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60642 | directions
Alice Childress, author
Cecilie Keenan, director
Cast: Raina Lynn, Myesha-Tiara, Susan P. Anderson, Deanna Reed-Foster, Kevin Patterson, Scott Westerman, Laura Coleman, Donna McGough, Reid Coker.

It is the summer of 1918, there is a war in Europe, and a smaller war in South Carolina. Julie is an African-American seamstress. Herman is a white man that has kept company with her for years. As their growing attraction accelerates into an affair, they must of course, deal with the prejudices and wrath of ingnorance in early 20th century America.

     RUN: Oct 25 - Dec 17, 2017

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