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Malaga (or The Inner Ear)

Theatre Y at The Ready
4546 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL, 60625 | directions
Written by Lukas Bärfuss
Translation: Neil Blackadder
Direction: Melissa Lorraine & Héctor Álvarez
Performance: Katie Stimpson (Vera), Eric Roberts (Michael), and Lane Anthony Flores (Alex); Adrian Garcia (Alex u/s)
Sound: Héctor Álvarez
Set: Melissa Lorraine
Lighting: Claire Sangster
Costumes: Rebecca Hinsdale Film/Projections: Kevin Hurley & Justin Theodore Jones

"Funny, tragic, grotesque," MALAGA (Or The Inner Ear) is a black comedy and a moral thriller asking why it’s so hard to do the right thing. When separating parents Michael and Vera both need to get away for the weekend, the banal hunt for their daughter's caretaker welcomes catastrophe that will not be governed. Theatre Y’s voyeuristic staging invites its audience into the pot for a disturbingly funny slow boil.

PRICE: FREE      RUN: Nov 01 - Dec 16, 2018

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